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Studio NN

Abundance Incense

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ABUNDANCE: Awaken the opulence of your soul with this Palo Santo incense. Palo Santo has the magic of energy cleansing, spiritual purification, and restoring tranquility. The warmth of clove combined with the upbeat and cheerful scents of papaya and orange all sync together to deliver you bountiful gifts for your highest self. Base: Palo Santo Middle Notes: Clove and Orange Top Note: Papaya Magixstyx ABUNDANCE is used for: Spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, inspiring creativity, plentitude, and good fortune Product Detail: Contents: 10 handmade, 4-inch incense sticks in one box Approximate Burn time: 25 minutes each stick *These premium incenses are made to order, so please allow for up to 1-2 weeks to ship. Each incense stick is handmade and unique, so appearances may vary. Thank you for your patience. * Incense holder is not included