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24k Ear Seeds

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Ear seeds are commonly used for both ear and body points. Gold pellets produce a long acting, continuous compression effect on the point. Gold is said to tonify or energize. Generally, pellets should be changed every 2 to 3 days to achieve the maximum effect (usually the body will adapt to the pressure after 2 to 3 days) but can be kept on for a week. Before applying, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol and the tape applied with a good seal. The patient may be reminded to gently press or stimulate these pellets occasionally during the day or as otherwise directed.

Learning the ear and the map it holds, is a powerful tool in taking wellness into your hands. This technique has been used for over 2500 years and is currently used in battlefields for soldiers dealing with PTSD, pain, insomnia, trauma and more. It is also used in addiction clinics and primarily used for addiction of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. 

It may take a few attempts to get used this new way of healing. Touching your ear, even looking and examining it is new for many. However, once you begin practicing the application of the ear seeds, the instantaneous relief will get you hooked. 

Not only are they beautiful but they are very effective. 24k gold plated magnets keep the blood circulating by sending signals through the pressure points of the ears to the reflex centers of the brain. The brain then sends the proper signals and chemicals to the rest of the body to balance out ailments that have your body in disharmony.